Thermoplastic Structured Markings

Thermoplastic Structured Markings are suitable for Normal Asphaltic/ Concrete Pavement and excellent for Porous Pavement.

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Mist Line

The non retention of water on the pavement surface and the application of Mist Line by Spray Fusion Method provides good reflectivity of road line markings in the night time especially during wet condition.

  • COATING - Coat to optimally follow the road surface undulations is formed, resulting in greater reflection area. 
  • APPLICATION - Possible to mark the whole line (width range: 15, 20, 30 & 45 cm).
  • BEAD ADHESION - Beads srayed are optimally fastened thanks to the even line thickness, resulting in superb nightime reflection. 
  • ADHESION TO ROAD SURFACE- As the melt material is ejected on the road surface by means of the resiliency of the rotor, resulting in superior adhesion.
  • WORKABILITY - No uneven melt material flow as the coat is laid to the same thickness even in the crack parts of the pavement joint, and no curing and chipping is needed after installation, promising superb finishing. 

Mist Grip

These colour products have excellent skid resistance with good visibility both day and night by providing motorists with informative traffic lanes condition according to the colour codes of the respective road authorities.

  • Water permeable coloured plastic paint prevents accumulation of rain runoff.
  • Use of blocking or zebra striping alerts drivers to slow down and proceed with caution. 
  • Coloured markings are easily visible both to drivers and pedestrians.
  • Sample Projects:

Field Performance Test on Skid Resistance

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