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Company Profile

Intan Traffic Engineering Sdn. Bhd., founded in 1995, is a trusted name in Road Safety Industry.

We specialise in the following services:
- Application of Thermoplastic Road Line Marking
- Structured Training on application of thermoplastic road line marking
- Customised Sign Designing using software and computerised design-
- Fabrication and installation of Retro-reflective Traffic Signage
- Performance Verification of road line marking & traffic signage
- Supply and installation of Road Safety Products

With our wide-ranging experience, comprehensive technical knowhow and specialised machines, we are committed to maintain consistency in delivering quality product and services by achieving performance standards that comply with national established specification, namely Arahan Teknik (JKR), Guidelines on Expressway Road Marking (LLM) and Guidelines on Traffic Control & Management Devices (REAM).


"Everyone Drives Home Safely"                                                       


To maintain consistency in product quality by achieving performance standard and cost effectiveness in the application of road safety products to the industrial and government regulatory standards.

In quest of quality assurance and performance excellence, we have always been utilizing durable and quality materials / products of reputable and reliable brands like Gamron Industries, 3M and Avery.

Throughout the past years, we have been working closely with local, State and Federal authorities to improve road safety aspects of the nation's vast road network, by promoting innovative and cost effective solutions to provide motorists with quality driving experience and level of comfort during day & night. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully executed more than 800,000 m2 of road markings jobs all over Malaysia on various road projects.

Intan Traffic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. strive to keep pace with new developments and innovations in road safety to achieve customers satisfaction.

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