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Achieving Zero Pothole Solutions
Produce 1 ton hot mix in just 30 minutes, anytime, anywhere 

★ Ezy Cook 043 is a mini mobile premit plant.
★ Produce 1 ton hot mix in just 30 minutes, anytime and anywhere.
★ Handles asphalt in various forms (cooled asphalt, reclaimed
    asphalt pavement, raw materials).
★ It can be installed under shed built-in with easy operation or
    mounted on a trailer.
★ Easy transport to site while maintaining temperature at optimum
★ Fast pothle patching response time in achieving zero pothole KPI.

Recycling Process

Ezy Cook 043
Transported to the job site

Pieces of broken Asphalt Concrete
placed in drum

Safety-certified gas burners
provide heating as the drum rotates

Placing recycled Asphalt Concrete at a
temperature of 140°C to 170°C

Finishing repair with
roller or compactor

The result-A sound,
long lasting road repair

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