GSB Raised Pavement Marker

Raised Pavement Markers are commonly known as cat eyes or road studs. These markers are installed at poor visibility areas for further prevention of road accidents. Those markers guide vehicle drivers effectively at night driving especially when it is foggy and rainy.

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Product features:
  • Resistant to corrosive effects of salt and grit
  • Withstand the most arduous traffic conditions
  • Highly cost effective
  • Fixed to road surface by an anti-twist stem
  • Easy Installation and stability
  • Complies with BS 873: Part 4: 1987
  • Approved for use on all types of roads
  • Suitable for centerline, edge marking or lane demarcation
  • Fitted with extremely durable glass elements
  • Surfaces automatic cleaned by rain and vehicles passing over
  • Displayed high coefficient of luminous intensity

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